Mega ProQual

The Mega ProQual Slurry / Chemical Batch Optimization System is an automated chemical blend unit which offers liquid chemistry optimization in small batches for use in a development setting. The Mega ProQual System is ideal for precisely fine-tuning CMP processes, clean processes, or for creating standardized solutions. Four chemicals from carboys, and DI water from a house supply line, are drawn up to construct small batches of a specific chemical composition. Once a formulation is defined, the recipe is easily transferred to production equipment to formulate the same chemistry for use in a manufacturing environment. (Patent Pending)

  • 100 liter [26 gallon] blend tank
  • High purity diaphragm pumps for transferring from carboys to blend tank
  • High purity diaphragm pumps for delivery and tank recirculation
  • Low flow peristaltic delivery pump for low mass additions
  • Pressurized drain and cabinet drain diaphragm pump
  • 45.7 x 45.7cm 299kg [18”x18” 660 lb] (max) scale for measuring the addition of DI and abrasives
  • 30.5 x 30.5cm 29kg [12”x12” 66 lb](max) scale for measuring the addition of high accuracy constituents
  • Blend tank recirculation
  • Storage for up to four 20 liter [5.28 gallon] carboys
  • Humidified N2 blend tank supply
  • Recirculation of raw constituent carboys
  • Sample port
  • Standard door interlocks and leak detects
  • 15.25cm [6”] flange exhaust port
  • Flexible dispense hose with delivery cart tank level detection and automated shut-off
  • Casters and caster brakes to allow the systems to be moved from site to site and fixed in position when needed.
  • 110 VAC cord for power connection to standard plug-in socket allowing mobility


  • Recirculating pump to maintain slurry suspension.
  • Up to four chemical, chemical/slurry, or solid constituent channels, plus one DI water addition channel available for blending.
  • Numerous metering methodologies available: flow control, passive flow metering, mass flow, passive mass metering, metering pumps, level, etc.  Systems may combine metering methodologies on different channels for blend performance enhancements.
  • Chemical and/or slurry channels can be fed directly from house supply sources or internally pumped.
  • Internally pumped chemical and/or slurry channels can be optionally circulated back to the source vessel.
  • External level sensors or hardwired communication relay circuits to assess destination system fill and full levels.
  • Connection to a separate single slurry/chemical dispense system with filtering (Dispense System sold separately).
  • Analytics cart (sold separately).
  • Temperature control “cart” to monitor, heat, cool, and maintain blend temperature (requires additional power source) capable of monitoring bulk fluid, local recirculation (monitor reaction temperature), as well as supply to a dispense system.

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