Mega SBD100™

The Mega SBD100 series system offers the ability to blend and continuously distribute slurry using either of two primary blend methods: batch-style blending or continuous blending. The system is capable of blending raw slurry, de-ionized water, and up to two additional chemicals. Raw slurry is drawn from drums or IBC totes by a Slurry Distribution station for local or remotely located drums or IBC totes.


When the Mega SBD100 series systems are factory-configured for batch-style blending, the primary sub-system makes a blend and distributes it to the global loop. The secondary sub-system makes a blend when the primary sub-system tank level reaches a user defined set point value. When the primary sub-system blend tank reaches a defined set point value, the remaining contents of the primary tank are transferred to the secondary sub-system tank, while the secondary sub-system begins supplying slurry to the global loop without interruption. Once the primary sub-system blend tank is emptied, an automatic flush sequence is initiated and the tank is ready for the next blend. This sequence is repeated for the secondary sub-system.


In the continuous blending configuration, one or more stations distribute slurry to independent loops. The patented continuous blending technology maintains consistent blended slurry to the blend/distribution tank, maintaining a specific level bandwidth of blended slurry in the tank. Both blend and distribution functions continue in an uninterrupted fashion.


Several accessory functions are typically included in the system, including but not limited to:

  • Flush & purge
  • Metrology
  • Sampling, and
  • Humidification

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