Mega SBD25™

Slurry blending is performed through the consecutive addition of constituents to a blend tank. Blends can be composed of slurry, DI, and two constituents. Up to five mass-based recipes can be stored with one active at any given time. A tank scale is used to measure the sequential addition of DI water and slurry while flow meter(s) are used to meter the flow of the added chemicals. Alternate blend engines are possible. Consult a Mega Fluid Systems sales representative for available options.


The distribution operation supplies blended slurry from the blend / distribution tank to the global loop. Global slurry supply pressure is based on flow readings from flow meter(s) on the global loop supply line and a pressure transducer on the global loop return line, and is controlled by a five input algorithm that creates an output to several final control elements. Redundant pumps are installed on each side; if one pump fails, the standby pump will immediately take over control of the distribution operation, distributing blended slurry to the global loop.


When the global loop is set to be flushed and purged, the normal parallel shared blend and dispense process operation switches to series with the B station becoming a dedicated blend station and the A station a dedicated distribution station.


Several accessory functions are typically included in the system, including but not limited to:

  • Flush & purge
  • Metrology, and
  • Sampling

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