Mega SBD35™

Slurry blending is performed through the consecutive addition of slurry, DI, and up to two additional constituents to a blend tank. Up to five mass-based recipes can be stored with one active at any given time. A tank scale is used to measure the sequential addition of DI water and slurry. The DI water and slurry is dispensed consecutively until a full-mass measurement is achieved for each constituent in the tank. A standard metrology package (pH and conductivity) verifies the blend is to specification according to the customer’s recipe.


After a blend is complete, the liquid circulates locally through the blend section for a user-defined time. The blend is triggered to dispense to the distribution tank when the distribution tank-fill level sensor is activated, and the blend has met all the necessary qualification criteria.


The distribution operation supplies blended slurry from the distribution tank to the global loop. Global slurry supply pressure and flow are based on flow readings from flow meter(s) on the global loop supply line, and a pressure transducer on the global loop return line; these are automatically controlled through modulation of air pressure supplied to the back pressure regulator and centrifugal pump RPM setting.


Redundant pumps are installed on the distribution side; if one pump fails, the standby pump will immediately take control and distribute blended slurry to the global loop. A single raw slurry pump is provided to supply the blend tank with raw slurry from nearby drums/IBC totes (within 10 meters) eliminating the need for a separate SD50/SD100 supply system.


Several accessory functions are typically included in the system, including but not limited to:

  • Flush & purge
  • Metrology
  • Sampling, and
  • Humidification

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