MegaBlend™ 1100PV

The MegaBlend 1100PV blends/dilutes chemicals that are fed from a remote bulk chemical distribution unit. Precision flowmeters blend up to three chemicals or two chemicals with DI water to a volumetric accuracy of ±0.5%, relative to the incoming chemistry. The blended chemical is transferred to the day tank and one of the two pressure vessels on demand. The blended chemical in the “on-line” pressure vessel is then available to dispense to the use point through an output filter. With comprehensive PLC control and user-friendly graphical operator interface, blend recipes can be easily modified.

  • Excess flow indication and shutdown
  • Photoelectric leak detection and alarm
  • Manual DI/N2 pump and filter purging
  • Recirculating DI spray guns
  • Blend tank sample port
  • Cabinet door interlocks
  • Encapsulated or cartridge dispense filter
  • Cartridge filter (10″)
  • Fed from pressurized input


  • Aspirated drain
  • Conductivity module
  • FRPP cabinet (S2-93 and FM4910 reviewed)
  • CE Mark 220 V, 50Hz
  • Redundant pump

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