Mega SD50™

The Mega SD50 Series Slurry Distribution System feeds raw slurry to a Mega Slurry Blend and Distribution (SBD) system. The Distribution system is configured to continuously circulate raw slurry from two drums/totes to and from the SBD system.


At lease one drum/tote must be online for the system to operate in automatic operation. The first drum/tote toggled On from the host SBD control screen is placed in the Online state. The second drum/tote toggled On is placed in the Standby state.


The Mega SD 50 system status is shown on the Drum Panel Overview screen on the host SBD control screen. When a drum/tote is placed online, the contents are circulated to the SBD system and back for a user-defined initial recirculation time.


If a drum/tote is Online and the empty sensor does not detect liquid for a user defined time, a Drum Empty alarm will be generated and the drum/tote will be disabled. If another drum/tote is in Standby when a drum/tote is disabled, or if a drum/tote currently Online is turned Offline, the drum/tote in Standby will be placed Online. This process will continue, cycling through the two/four
available drums/totes.

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