MegaPure™ 25

The MegaPure 25 Chemical Distribution System provides single pass filtration as low as 0.05μ. It is PLC controlled and generally configured to be fed from one or two local stand-alone feed drums. It is designed for localized dispensing for medium purity applications or as a feed station for larger blending units. (The drum(s), pump(s), and filter(s) are all located in the same cabinet to minimize the use of subfab floor space.)

  • Photoelectric leak detection and alarm
  • Cabinet door interlocks
  • Manual valve isolation of TeflonTM inlet and outlet lines and pump
  • Cartridge filter (10″)
  • Separate NEMA rated fiberglass controls compartment
  • Integrated controls with comprehensive status and safety sensing


  • Dual drum with auto-changeover
  • Redundant pump
  • FRPP cabinet (S2-92 and FM4910 reviewed)
  • Custom configuration and integration
  • Redundant filters
  • Specific chemical resistant components
  • Drum recirculation with chemical polishing

Mega SD100™

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MegaPure™ 100

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