The Mega Essex Slurry Blending and Distribution System employs a two-station process designed to blend and dispense constituents to a single global loop. The two stations operate in a linear-series configuration with Station A (Blend) dedicated to blending slurry, and Station B (Distribution) designed to dispense that product to the global loop.

Slurry blending is performed through the consecutive addition of slurry and DI water to a blend tank. Tank volume sensors are used to measure the sequential addition of DI water and slurry. The DI water and slurry is dispensed consecutively until a full-volume measurement is achieved for each constituent in the tank. Optionally, an additional constituent can be supplied by a timed flow meter. An optional metrology package (pH and conductivity) verifies the blend is to specification according to the customer’s recipe.

Additional features include:

• ≤ 3 L/min makeup rates • 100L blend tank in 60”x30” cabinet
• 250L dispense tank on drip pan outside cabinet
• Raw slurry supply from bulk drum if ≤ 5 meters from Essex tool
• Automatic raw drum swapping optional


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