PLC Controls

Mega Fluid Systems offers PLC- or PAC-based control systems for the control and automation of both Chemical and Slurry Blend and Distribution systems. Choosing the control system that makes sense for the individual tool, we utilize rack and/or distributed IO, and internal and external networking and communications to control and monitor the tool’s key devices – pumps, valves, tanks, metrology (pH, SGU, concentration, particle size, titration, and temperature).

  • Built using same software tool as system HMI
  • Remote option using VNC
  • Web-client option
  • Paging/e-mail options
  • Increased functionality and flexibility


Mega Fluid Systems Controls Engineering Group supplies turn-key control, monitoring, and automation solutions for molecular delivery tools. Our team of Controls and Electrical Engineers have extensi...

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MegaSafe constantly monitors the end user’s process to define the most appropriate fail safe status during system operation. This is different than a simple "hold last state" control system. For e...

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